Third Light

April 1, 2020

OMG! You Guys!  It's C-R-A-Z-Y!  Zombies everywhere!!  It's like the end of the world outside. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE. STAY INDOORS!  I REPEAT:  DO NOT GO OUTSIDE....haha, April f----wait, what the.........oh damn. I guess April Fools has been officially cancelled this year due to a worldwide pandemic IRL.  Well, just goes to show you that sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction, right?

On a serious note, we really hope everyone has been staying safe and keeping healthy, both physically and mentally.  I know this situation has been hitting people very differently, especially the varying level of response among states and the concentrated panic shopping/hoarding in certain areas over others.  Hopefully no one has had to go to Costco recently.  If even during non-pandemic scenarios their parking lots and cashiers lines could be crazy, now it's just straight-up a cut-scene from a Resident Evil game.

So COVID-19 issues aside, what's going on with us, you ask?  Well, like everyone else, we've been staying at home with our respective families.  In some ways, social distancing from each other wasn't a huge stretch because we were already so inundated with other work and priorities that music regrettably was set aside for a little bit. There was some behind-the-scenes work here and there, but things were starting to heat up just prior to when all hell broke loose in the US in March...and then they did.  So we're in the process of grappling with the logistics of what kind of a world we'll be returning to when we're able to go back out and play.  We really hope a lot of our good friends and establishments will be able to weather the financial storm, but everybody's hurting.  So we may end up having to take matters into our own hands more when it comes to where we'll play, but you can rest assured that if there's a way it can benefit local businesses hit hard by the economic fallout, we'll make sure to do it.

So while we can't get together in person to jam, practice, or put on a show, we're looking into other avenues to keep the musical mojo flowing during these crazy times.  Hope you all are finding creative ways to remain occupied and entertained.  And for those of you who have lost family, friends, or even your job, we truly hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel for you. We're all in this together, even if the impact is slightly different from one to the next. 

- Third Light