​June 19, 2019

A very big thank you to Debra, Janet, and everyone who plays a role in coordinating the Maple Lawn Farmers Market in Fulton, MD.  They keep growing and offer a nice variety, now several years into their location there.  For those of you who don't know, they used to be behind the McDonald's in the open parking lot, but since that whole shopping center keeps expanding with new developments popping up, they have shifted deeper towards the offices.  Their location is at the footer of their website, so do check them out.  Everyone was very supportive and made us feel at home.  Since some of the people who run that market also run the Olney Farmers Market, it just makes us even more excited about our debut there later in the summer.

It was also nice to see Debby getting re-acclimated to her role with the band again. You wouldn't know it, but she was incredibly nervous leading up to the show. She's such a pro that she doesn't let on, but come'on.  When you can already walk the walk, you're ahead of the game. So no need for any jitters :-)

See you at Great Sage!

June 8, 2019

We remain very sorry about the fact that the Centennial High School fundraiser was cancelled. It took a lot of planning to get it to where it was, but a lot of school-related logistics ultimately made it difficult to secure the sponsorship and additional support required seal the deal.  Even though we were only helping with the live music component, it was an exciting idea to get off the ground. So here's to hoping that maybe next year the groups that were fundraising will have all the resources available to finally make it happen.

We updated the Tour page because our Great Sage June gig was pushed back one more week, so take note that it's not 6/27/19 instead of 6/20/19.  Not a huge deal.  Either way, we're still going to have a blast and we will still enjoy the tasty food that they have to offer.  BOOYA!

May 10, 2019
Well we sure are excited for all things new with Third Light. We definitely have our work cut out for ourselves to get Ms. Debby up to speed, but in all honesty, each practice sounds like we're picking up right where we left off. Very, very impressive. We're all being pulled in different directions, but it's definitely a nice bonding time whenever we get together. Don't forget about the summer gigs that we added to the Tour page recently. Yes, we're keeping things on the lighter side, but there are a few other things in the works so don't think for one second that's all it's gonna be. We like to keep you in suspense......it's crucial for some sick plot development....trust us, our lives are too boring otherwise, lol.

Eat. Work. Family. Play. Repeat......sLeEp??

Apr 16, 2019
As part of the "behind the scenes" news we wanted to share with you, let's give an extra luminous welcome back to Debby!  Parenthood sure takes a lot out of ya, and I don't mean the show (although that was one heck of a tearjerker....not quite the best show to binge watch).  But she's totally got this mom thing down, twice over at that.  And so what's a little singing and rocking to add to the mix, right?

We've added some new gigs to the Tour page, but we're also working with the live music aspect of a bit of a local fundraising event, in addition to another potential special event.  Practices are sounding great, so we can't wait to get back on the performance saddle.  Ta ta for now!

Mar 01, 2019
Ok, so we definitely went into a little bit of a hibernation mode for a moment there.  Yeah, a Happy 2019 is definitely overdue for all who check us out here.  Some big changes coming ahead, but we're also in talks for some interesting events farther in the year.  So there's a lot of behind the scenes work going on at the moment, but hopefully we can share more about that with you all soon.

Maryland is doing it's usual Maryland thing where the weather goes up, down, and all around.  Despite P. Phil not seeing his shadow, we're pretty skeptical about winter retreating anytime soon.  Time will tell.  But stay warm, unless you're already in a warm place, in which case, we're supper jelly.  But being that one of us grew up in southern Florida, living in a warm place doesn't mean it feels warm to you all the time.  Your winter experience just becomes some northerner's "spring break dream."  Guess it never really matters unless you live in a place where the temperatures never change beyond 5-10 degrees.  Oh, and Let us know where that is.....it's good to have life goals, ha!

Dec 12, 2018
Let's talk about Open Mics.  They're really fun, aren't they!  We haven't done a lot of them in the past, but be sure to check the facebook page because David is pushing to hit a lot more of them in the coming year.  Just a great way to check out other local talent in an abbreviated form.  We'd like to think we pack a powerful punch with our small size as a group.  Even as a trio, doing what we do involves way more gear and energy than we'd like to involve, lol.  But hey, it's for the love of music, right?  So what's great about open mics is that after you punch out a few tunes and finish your "set," you get to chill and enjoy the scene as others have at it.  So it's super nice not having to worry about gear, the mix, and all sorts of logistics that you're in charge of when you're bringing everything.

Thanks to all the new friends we've made as of late.  We're closing out 2018 with a bang.  Don't forget to check the recently updated tour page, and we'll keep you posted about any 2019 happenings as soon we get some confirmations.  Happy Holidays, everyone!

Sep 26, 2018
Change is in the air.  Fall is just around the corner, and while the weather here has been all over the place,  the music train certainly hasn't stopped.  We've got a handful of upcoming shows that we didn't expect.  The good folks at The Cellar at Chef Paolino's in Ellicott City loved us and want us back in October, November, and December.  So we've added some more dates on the tour page.  Also, we have another "Lightly Toasted" show at Second Chance Saloon with 2 pieces of Toast.  That place is always high energy, so we're definitely pumped to be joining those guys again for that one.

Even though we're a little removed from hurricane Florence's landfall, definitely keep those folks who were mostly affected in your thoughts and/or prayers.  The flooding devastation is incredible yet heart-breaking to watch.  Around here we've had a pretty unusually wet summer, coupled with another severe flooding of old Ellicott City.  As such, we're no stranger to those kinds of challenges.  But despite what gets thrown our way, we as a community keep on.  So send a little love that way if you can, however you can.

July 9, 2018
Travel, travel, travel!  All three of us have been very busy this summer with all sorts of travel of the non-musical variety. So we've been more conservative on the gigging side of things, but we do have some shows coming up.  We'll be in Ellicott City at The Cellar at Chef Paolino's on July 21st, and the following Saturday, David will do a solo show for the Maple Lawn farmers market in Fulton, MD.  There's a small chance something else will pop up in-between, but we're still working out the details. So we'll keep you posted on that.

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July. There's still more to come this summer, so stay cool and keep the good times-a-flowin'!

May 12, 2018
Mothers Day is upon us, so Happy Mothers Day to all you hard-working women out there who strive to not allow yourselves to go slowly insane from the demands of every day life....and for those of you who are insane, it's ok, we understand.  You really couldn't help it  :-p

We just updated the Tour page by adding a bunch of dates for the summer season. More may get added later on in the late summer/early fall, but for now, we've got a nice mix of farmers markets as well as an evening show in Ellicott City, mostly at places that we have yet to perform. So exciting!  Definitely come out and join is, we'd love to see you.​​

March 14, 2018
Ah, the dreaded radio silence.  We've been keeping a low profile as there have been a lot of things to plan and take care of with the album we're working on.  Matt is being a huge trooper juggling fatherhood as well as staying in the loop with all the album related developments.  Becca also recently welcomed a new 4-legged friend to her family, so we'll have to do a new Third Light pet profile soon!

We don't have a lot of gigs on the calendar yet, as our focus is elsewhere at the moment.  Check out the new dates we have added so far.  We do have some tricks up our sleeve in that department, so definitely stay tuned.

December 28, 2017
Another year is whizzing by, folks.  We hope everyone has been having a very happy holiday season with family and friends.  We have a lot to be thankful for, and Matt especially with the birth of his son.  So as we mentioned on facebook, he's winding down his role just a little bit, but only enough to catch up on some much needed rest.  So schedule permitting, he'll still join us.  But I know he's looking forward to being back at his regular full capacity.

We are also excited about our gig tomorrow at Second Chance Saloon in Columbia, MD.  If you need a break from extended family that has overstayed their welcome, or have streamed way too much content and need something else to do, come out and beat the cold to join us!

November 7, 2017
Things are getting super real with the as-of-yet-untitled album, so stay tuned for more info on that as well as any new gigs for the remainder of 2017 and/or start of 2018.  When it comes to Third Light's creative process, each of us brings something different to the table, which also gives us a wide array of inspiration to draw from.  Some of these songs started as an old idea rebranded into something fresh, and others were completely new originals formed with input from everyone across the board.  It certainly has been an interesting journey seeing the songs progress on their own individually, and now hearing them all together as a collective project gives us a whole new perspective on just what to experiment with as we move into the mixing phase.  It can be tedious, but it never stops being fun, that's for sure.

Not to end things on a downer, but the other day, it occurred to us just how many iconic artists we've lost in less than 2 years. 2016 saw the departure of David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Juan Gabriel, Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire, and Glenn Frey of The Eagles, among others.  So far this year, we've lost Chuck Berry, Tom Petty, both Gregg Allman & Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers Band, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden / Temple of the Dog / AudioSlave, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Walter Becks of Steely Dan, and sadly, many more.

​As we get closer to a new year, let's hope the legacies of these fallen souls inspire new and greater things from the next generation of artists emerging in today's music.

October 18, 2017

Winter is here...sorta...and no, I'm not talking about Westeros. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, it has been an unusually long summer and extra warm start to Fall. But now we're finally being reminded by Mother Nature that it is mid-freakin' October. The warmer weather was mostly kind to David, who recently helped out our friends at the Howard County Farmers Market. This year, they started a new market on Thursdays at the Clarksville Commons Shopping Center. The hours were a bit tough for the whole band to make it, but no matter! Third Light honors their commitments and is flexible like that, yo. So whether it's 1, 2, or all 3 of us, you're still getting the full musical treatment of our covers and originals.

We've got another gig coming up this Saturday night at The Highland Tavern, and we're splitting it with Two Pieces of Toast! So I guess that would make it, uh, Two Pieces of Lightly Toasted Bread? No? We'll work on that. In the meantime, you should work on seeing whether your schedule is free for that night. You're getting 2 for the price of one, essentially. That's some solid math in your favor, folks.

We know we've been mentioning here and there that we're recording and working on an album. Every so often we've had some dynamics change within the band that have forced us to hit the reset button more times than we would have liked, but enough is enough. Time to pick up where things left off!

September 12, 2017
Another summer gone.  Seriously, where does the time go?  A few brief things we wanted to mention here:

If you haven't already, please check out the band Toast.  Follow them on Facebook to see where they play, and if they're a man/woman down for a gig, you'll be delighted to know that they refer to themselves as "Two Pieces of Toast."  They also tend to hit up Howard County and surrounding parts of MD.  They bring a good energy to wherever they play.

Hurricanes are bad news.  After Harvey's watery aftermath in TX and with Irma ripping through FL and the southeastern US, please remember those who have lost so much in these storms.  In the era of fake news, a particular graphic from years ago containing some  extremely fuzzy math is re-emerging  to incorrectly suggest that some organizations like the American Red Cross, UNICEF, and March of Dimes are not as charitable as they seem.  Regardless of what you decide to do and/or support, just make to check your sources and facts when you read something that suggests a big claim like that.  The last thing you want to do is spread misinformation in a time of need.  If the local Ellicott City floods showed us anything, it's that situations like these have the tremendous power to bring people together and show great resolve in the wake of disaster.

We have actually played a few private events this year.  While we don't normally publicize them on our Tour page, we do want to give a special thanks to Cattail Creek Country Club.  Becca and David have had the pleasure of playing there, in addition to David doing some events solo.  The staff is great and people like to let us know how much they enjoyed the music, which is all we could ask for.

That's all for now!

​​June 20, 2017
David here.  Admittedly, we've been busy and have not been able to move forward with as many things as we would have liked.  On one hand, we can look at it as a disappointment, but in reality, we're just not putting pressure on ourselves.  Life has a funny way of refusing to slow down, especially when you feel you need that most.  So while we were able to accomplish quite a bit leading up to the early summer months, the three of us have been making an effort to enjoy these dog-gone days of summer with our loves ones in order to recharge physically, emotionally, and creatively.

A few weeks ago, there was something I really wanted to write about, but I held back because I didn't want to assume that everyone felt what I was feeling.  It was one of those situations where you write something over and over again, constantly editing it, only to finally scrap the whole thing.  Wasted time or not, I moved on.  I lived.  Unfortunately, others did not.

Losing an icon like David Bowie last year to liver cancer, or anyone else who passes after a long and impactful career, tends to evoke a slightly different feeling than when someone leaves us sooner by their own hand.  Suicide has a weird way of dividing people into different categories: you can avoid that discussion altogether because you fear or just don't understand it, you can see it for what it is as just another tragedy without giving it anymore weight than it already carries, or you can be shocked at just how little you know about it.  Wherever you feel you fall within this spectrum of emotions, it's not a dirty word.  Suicide is here, and it's real.

Last time I wanted to write about Chris Cornell.  His mastery of infectious melodies and edgy arrangements inspired me as I discovered grunge and the alternative rock movement during Soundgarden's prime.  In reading about him, he was the kind of guy who left a really good impression on nearly everyone he encountered.  You weren't overwhelmed by his every move in the tabloids.  He just loved music, did what he wanted to do, and did it well.  It's why his solo acoustic tours were always very well received.  I was extremely bummed when I read about what happened to him.  Regardless of whether his mind was altered by some substance or not, he was hurting.  He never apologized for or minimized his demons, yet he didn't glorify them ever.  His struggle was real, but it was a more subdued one in the later half of his career, which made his untimely end all the more shocking.

Now with the news regarding Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, it's hard to ignore the hard truth that even with you think you have it all, you can still feel like you have nothing.  And it's not even all about you at that point, it's about everyone else going through it with you.  Your friends, your family, your fans, everyone.  We're starting to hear a lot more about mental health, particularly with how it relates to gun violence and the growing drug epidemic.  As a standalone topic, there's a lot more to be said and done about our collective attitudes towards it.  There are many stigmas that still exist that prevent people from getting the adequate help that they need when they need it most.  Hopefully we can work together to break them down so that more help is available, especially to the doctors and specialists who will see a rise in treatment.

So as a nobody in comparison to these amazing acts and icons, my musical heart bleeds for any and all who have ever walked that line.  For those who have ever thought about leaving this world to escape the pain.....I'm sorry.....even if you weren't all there when you thought that.  It doesn't matter to me.  It doesn't make it any less of a struggle for those who love you, and it sure as anything doesn't make it less of a struggle for you.

May 17, 2017
GEAR!  GEAR!  GEAR!  There always seems to be something more to buy, no matter how big or small of an operation you run.  It's not like we're a big operation at that, but to get things to run smoothly and pack/travel easily, you do have to think about a lot more than just the actual equipment.  There are a lot of the things you have around for variable circumstances, like outdoor vs indoor events, and so on.  The list never ends.....but it really needs to.....for a little while at least!

On another note, we are pumped and looking forward to our show tomorrow at the Community Foundation of Howard County's annual Spring Party.  We understand it's not necessarily the kind of gig that anyone can just stroll into, since you have to purchase tickets.  But if you find yourself in the central Quad of the HCC campus tomorrow evening while we're playing, give us a thumbs up if you like what you hear!  If the weather remains cooperative, we'll be outside right by entrance to the event.

May 2, 2017
Mayday!  Mayday!  Wait.....May day was actually yesterday.  Oops!   Well, we don't have a whole lot more to report other than the fact that we've announced a new gig for later on in the month.  It's actually to support a local non-profit that does a lot of great work to keep Howard County, MD as grand as it can be.  

We've updated the Charity section of the website to now be a personal tell-all about the different organizations and causes we've worked with through our music.  In there you'll also find some backstory on the latest one, the Community Foundation of Howard County.  They host an annual Spring Party not only to raise money, but it also serves as a big thank you to all the people who come together to donate and/or help move forward the various charitable funds they are involved with.  Because of the local love we keep showing for HoCo, they sought us out!  So it's a huge honor to be there.  Details about the event can be found on their website:  http://cfhoco.org

April 20, 2017
Spring is in the air!  Aside from allergies ramping up and your car needing to be washed every other week, it's certainly nice to be able to get out more.  We're looking forward to taking some more pictures and content for the website, so be on the lookout for that.  There's always more to come.

I know we've been mentioning original material quite a bit recently, and you just don't understand how incredible it feels to finally get some closure on a song that has been evading you for so long.  We had one that was mostly finished but it was just lacking something, and no matter how much we forced ourselves to be creative and listen, it just never spoke to us.  Now 2 years later, it finally did, and everything has been clicking.  It's also quite long and epic, but not in a November Rain kind of way.  I guess just in the sense that it is a nearly 7min song without, at least to us, feeling like a drawn-out 7min song.  Know what I mean?  Long songs tend to be long on purpose, and it's usually because either too many things repeat over and over, it all turns into an endless jam session, or the song goes through crazy movements and phases that keep taking it in different directions, sounding less and less like how it started.  We were trying to be very careful not to fall into some of those traps while listening to what the song was asking for.  In the end, we dig it.  And if we dig it, then there's a greater probability that you will to....it's strictly statistics, man.

We're gonna try recording some aspects of the songwriting process for this song and put it up, similar to what we did with Something Real.  I know, I know..."more to come" again.  But it's true!  In the meantime, enjoy the new recordings we keep sharing on the Music page.  There will be some fun changes to that section of the site in the near future as well.

March 29, 2017
It's really amazing how carried away you can get with little details.  Something as simple as getting a good live monitor-mix can turn into a giant time suck.  You would think the most important thing is just how you play/sound during the show, right?  Even smaller things like the way you pack/unpack and who uses which mic are just a few examples of the multitude of details that somehow start to matter after a while.  After enough time, some things get easier and become almost mechanical.  Others, however, remain a nuisance.  So for our recent show at Great Sage, it was nice to hear and feel like everything went not just according to plan, but above and beyond!  Some of those details were ignored this last gig because there just wasn't enough time to obsess over them, and maybe that's just how it has to be. Granted, it helps that we've had a little more time to learn and go through the motions. But as much as we do this for fun, we still take how we sound seriously.  Can't have fun if no one's able to hear us properly, right?

Back to the OG grind we go.  We jokingly refer to our originals as "original gangstas," so that's where that comes from.  There are a lot of buns in the oven....I mean, figuratively, that is....or do I?  Guess we're just trying to get all this material out of our heads. Original songs have a weird way of possessing you. Sometimes you have to take a break and move on with the expectation that only after clearing your mind can you pick up where you left off.  But other times, an idea haunts you until it finally grabs you by the neck, refusing to let go until you completely purge it from your soul.....ok, so that may be a bit of an exaggeration...sorta.

There are some songs that have been stuck in developmental purgatory for some time that are finally inching closer to completion.  And all the while, some newer ditties are busting at the seams and vying for attention.  Either way, it'll be a fun explosion of newness, and we're looking forward to getting on the other side of it all.  Everyone plays a role in this, and we're feeling good about the systems we have in place to keep the mojo flowing despite our busy schedules.  Here's to the pursuit of musical magic!​​​

March 15, 2017
I know it's a few days away, but how are you all enjoying your Spring?  Here in the mid-Atlantic area, we've had a freakishly warm winter pretty much all season long. Sure it got a little cold here and there, but there were definitely more 50+ degree days than not.  Although winter storm Stella sure gave us a nice reminder that you can only wear rose-colored glasses for so long.  Hopefully those of you in this area and in the northeast that were affected didn't find yourselves in too much trouble.  In terms of what we've been up to, if you haven't already, check out the video page to see how we passed the time in the aftermath of the storm.

We also added some more niceties to the Music page last week, so hopefully you've had a chance to check that out.  It includes a new original, YAY!

Coming up next week is our Great Sage gig.  We can't stress enough how good their food is.  They do not pay us to say that, nor do we get any special kickbacks. It's honestly just that amazing, so come on over and try it out if you're new to it.  And if you're a Great Sage veteran, even better!  We'll be there from 8-10pm on Thursday, March 23rd.  Hope to see you there!

February 22, 2017

We know that at times it seemed like we were....um...let's just say "less than present." But in all honesty, there has been a lot of behind-the-scenes and administrative work going on to help us improve pretty much every aspect of the band. 2016 saw a big change with Becca's introduction to the group, and in many ways we felt like we were starting over again. It was fun and rejuvenating, but at the same time, it called for a lot of work.

Now in 2017, we feel like we're finally hitting our stride. Our live mixes and recordings are sounding better. We're finally adding new songs from recent live performances. We punched out a few new originals and have another handful in the works. New pictures have made their way onto the site with even more to come. We're having good talks with new venues to play at, and we're picking up the pace with our Facebook activity. We also tweaked the website to improve the mobile browsing experience. ​This band started as a creative outlet, sorta like an inside joke that we wanted you to be in on. It certainly hasn't stopped being funny, so we plan to continue sharing the laughs and good times as much as we can.

Thanks to our friends and family for coming out and supporting us. Thanks to those who came up onstage and joined us, or made a request that we were able to fulfill. Thanks to the staff working at the venues we've performed at, for we recognize all your hard work and efforts to bring a little pep to your customers. One last note about the Music section: we will be releasing new recordings every few weeks. So don't forget to check in periodically to see what else is new.                                                     

February 16, 2017

Well well well. Here we are in 2017 and we're making some progress on all those promises we've been making. First thing's first, thanks to all who came out and supported us at the recent County Cork Wine Pub gig in Eldersburg. A last-minute cancellation was what led to that coming together so quickly, so we stepped in to save the day. Seems like everyone was pretty pleased with the results, and we even debuted some new covers while we were at it. Just trying to keep things fresh for y'all. Now, on to the promises....we've been diligently scouring all the recordings we have and we're finally going to have new songs to add to the Music section of the website. Starting next week we'll start unveiling some new tunes for you to listen to there. Each show has its unique challenges, but we're getting the hang of all the variables to arrive at some solid mixes. Many thanks to those who show and/or tell us how much they appreciate the music. You really bring those recordings to life. Next stop.....new originals! Stay tuned for more on that.


December 9, 2016
OK peoples, be sure to keep an eye out for some new music in the near future....the band is aiming to post some high quality live recordings of original and cover tunes from our recent performances in the Music section. We're talking tunes that will make Frampton Comes Alive look bush league!   So far we have two gigs booked for 2017, but plan on adding more as we get things lined up. Check the Tour page and mark your calendars!            

October 7, 2015
Soooo....have some big news to share for you all! Check out the Video section for a behind the scenes look at Third Light composing our brand new song "Something Real"! It's our first of our Third Light Sneak-a-Peak series. Watch the magic unfold before your very eyes, hah!! Oh and don't forget to come down to the Wine Bin lot this Saturday in Old Town Ellicott City for the final farmers market performance of the year! 

September 13, 2015
Greetings and salutations...so Third Light continues to be hard at work on finishing up our original material. We are closing in on ten tasty tracks for the masses on our debut LP. Our final gig (as of now) for 2015 is the EC Farmers Market on Oct 10th, so make sure to stop by before the market season ends! By the way, with the donations we received from our Great Sage gig we are closing in on $300 for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, so thanks again to everyone that has donated!

August 17, 2015
Hey all, sorry for the delayed update. We were experiencing technical difficulties with the site. We are good to go now! Just to update you all, David and Matt recently rocked another round of "Second Light" at the EC Farmers Market, which was very well received (even without Debby's pivotal vocal presence)! Thanks to all that attended and of course everyone that donated to Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. Special shout out to the vendors for their incredible cuisine! Make sure to come out for our show on Thursday, Sept 3rd when we return to Great Sage in Clarksville! In other news, we have been hard at work on our debut LP, and have started laying down guitar tracks for several of our original songs. Get ready for some studio quality jams in the near future!!!

July 27, 2015
Greetings and salutations! So Third Light racked up another performance at the ol' farmers market, which was well attended. Unfortunately, Matt couldn't join the group due to illness, but that didn't stop Debby and David from providing some quality tunage (or as we like to refer to it when we're a man or woman down, Second Light). Make sure to come on out for our next gig on Sat August 8th at the Ellicott City market! There should be 100% of Third Light members present for that one! Till then...

July 9, 2015
Hello hello! Hope you all are having an excellent summer and enjoyed the Independence Day festivities...we wanted to let you know that there is now a new studio version of our original cut I've Found A Love, available for streaming on the Music page. Check it out! Also, in "news related news", we have added an Archives section, so you can refresh your memory on what you missed!

June 23, 2015
Big news everyone...we have just completed work on our first live video, shot at our recent performance during the Oakland Mills Farmers Market. It's for a brand new original song called The Rebel Inside, and it has been posted in, you guessed it, the Video section! Enjoy! We are aiming to post some additional original material very soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled people. 

 June 7, 2015
Just finished rockin' out over at the Howard County Farmers Market...we had a great turnout and the weather certainly held out for us. Special shout out to Kelly Schaeffer for a beautiful rendition of Sheryl Crow's Strong Enough! Thanks for all the support and for all the donations towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Every dollar makes a difference. We return to the Oakland Mills Farmers Market on July 26, so we hope to see you all out there again soon! Be on the lookout for more TL songs, video, and pictures in the near future!!


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