Dec 12, 2018

Let's talk about Open Mics. They're really fun, aren't they! We haven't done a lot of them in the past, but be sure to check the facebook page because David is pushing to hit a lot more of them in the coming year. Just a great way to check out other local talent in an abbreviated form. We'd like to think we pack a powerful punch with our small size as a group. Even as a trio, doing what we do involves way more gear and energy than we'd like to involve, lol. But hey, it's for the love of music, right? So what's great about open mics is that after you punch out a few tunes and finish your "set," you get to chill and enjoy the scene as others have at it. So it's super nice not having to worry about gear, the mix, and all sorts of logistics that you're in charge of when you're bringing everything.

Thanks to all the new friends we've made as of late. We're closing out 2018 with a bang. Don't forget to check the recently updated tour page, and we'll keep you posted about any 2019 happenings as soon we get some confirmations. Happy Holidays, everyone!

- Third Light


Third Light