Sep 26, 2018

Change is in the air. Fall is just around the corner, and while the weather here has been all over the place, the music train certainly hasn't stopped. We've got a handful of upcoming shows that we didn't expect. The good folks at The Cellar at Chef Paolino's in Ellicott City loved us and want us back in October, November, and December. So we've added some more dates on the tour page. Also, we have another "Lightly Toasted" show at Second Chance Saloon with 2 pieces of Toast. That place is always high energy, so we're definitely pumped to be joining those guys again for that one.

Even though we're a little removed from hurricane Florence's landfall, definitely keep those folks who were mostly affected in your thoughts and/or prayers. The flooding devastation is incredible yet heart-breaking to watch. Around here we've had a pretty unusually wet summer, coupled with another severe flooding of old Ellicott City. As such, we're no stranger to those kinds of challenges. But despite what gets thrown our way, we as a community keep on. So send a little love that way if you can, however you can.

- Third Light

Third Light