Third Light

Mar 01, 2019

Ok, so we definitely went into a little bit of a hibernation mode for a moment there. Yeah, a Happy 2019 is definitely overdue for all who check us out here. Some big changes coming ahead, but we're also in talks for some interesting events farther in the year. So there's a lot of behind the scenes work going on at the moment, but hopefully we can share more about that with you all soon.

Maryland is doing it's usual Maryland thing where the weather goes up, down, and all around. Despite P. Phil not seeing his shadow, we're pretty skeptical about winter retreating anytime soon. Time will tell. But stay warm, unless you're already in a warm place, in which case, we're supper jelly. But being that one of us grew up in southern Florida, living in a warm place doesn't mean it feels warm to you all the time. Your winter experience just becomes some northerner's "spring break dream." Guess it never really matters unless you live in a place where the temperatures never change beyond 5-10 degrees. Oh, and Let us know where that's good to have life goals, ha!

- Third Light